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Vampire High: Ten Years Later Documentary

Vampire High: The Official Website is a site based around the YTV teen television show, Vampire High. Set at Mansbridge Academy the show ran on YTV in Canada and Sky 1 in the UK from 2001-2002. The programme ran for only one season but continued to be popular with a strong following of fans.

Vampire High: The Official Website was launched on January 17th 2006 as a small fan site dedicated to Vampire High. Over time we grew into the largest and most frequently updated Vampire High website on the net.

2011 was the tenth anniversary year of Vampire High and as the Official website we celebrated through-out last year with news, articles, competitions and our EXCLUSIVE documentary!

7th July 2012-

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, but to be honest, there is just nothing to update anymore! The series has been gone for over 10 years now, so there is very little new information coming to light. But as always if anything new comes around, you will all be the first to know :)

I am thinkning of running a little competition as well, just to keep things a little fresher. Up for grabs will be a signed Ilona Elkin (Merrill) glossy screen cap! Keep a look out for that soon.

10th December 2011-

Well it has been one of the hardest tasks of my life, but finally the documentary is here for you to watch in all its glory. I know it is very late but it has been a stuggle, thank you to everyone who has helped, you have been amazing! And a special thanks to Ilona Elkin, for everything you have done. The documentary is dedicated to a friend of the website Jo Groenewoud who passed away on the 16th of February due to cancer. She was one of the greatest fans of Vampire High and worked very hard on her beautiful website www.vampirehigh.org. Rest In Peace Jo, from all of us at www.vampirehigh.net.

01st March 2011-

ONE WEEK TO GO! That's right in just over a week the Vampire High documentary will be online for your viewing pleasure, I will have a specific date for you in just three days time. Currently it has been edited and will shortly be sendt to VH cast members and crew for their thumbs up! Not long now!!!

31st January 2011-

Hey VH fans! Ok, so I know the documentary was due this month but I have had a few late submissions with some excellent extra features! So if you can just hold on a few more days you will get to see some amazing interviews, bloopers and behind the scenes of the set of Vampire High!

03rd January 2011-

Hey everyone and Happy New Year from VampireHigh.net! As you can see we have our celebration banners up for the 10th anniversary of Vampire High. Later this month we will showcase out very own EXCLUSIVE documentary with interviews and clips from show to celebrate 10 years of our favourite show!

28th November 2010-

Added a new DVD cover to replace the old one, I hope you guys like updating your Vampire High DVD's! Visit the multimedia section above to view! Enjoy!

27th November 2010-

Well after months of planning we are pleased to announce our plans for the tenth anniversary of Vampire High this January! Vampire High: Ten Years Later is an exclusive documentary made by ourselves at VampireHigh.net including interviews with the cast, never before heard stories and a Vampire High reunion! Watch the trailer below for more information and come back to see us this January 2011 for the full length documentary.

22nd June 2010-

Sorry for the lack of updates VH lovers! Unfortunatley there are not a lot of new updates on the show these days.

Now onto business... I do have something VERY special in the pipe-line over the next few months. The task I have undertaken for this project is huge, but if it comes out the way I hope it will, then you are in for an amazing suprise! Watch this space...

13th December 2009-

As you can see we have a new interview with Omari Newton who played the kill Marty most regrets, click the image below to get a further insight into one of the most compelling episodes of VH ever! Also I hope you like our christmas banner for the holiday season! More updates next week!

09th September 2009-

Just a small update to say hope your all enjoying the book, I know I enjoyed it! Also new interview will be here in the next update and a few other things will be added too. Have done some house-keeping on the site today, making sure all information is correct and up to date!

04th September 2009-

It is FINALLY here, the one you have all be waiting for and as webmaster of the Official Vampire High website I have the greatest pleasure in introducing you to the next chapter of the Vampire High saga...

I know it has been a long time coming but I really hope you guys enjoy what Mark (VH Creator) has instore for you over the coming months! Also I little...well... large apology on my part. I know the site has not been updated but I unfortunatley have been out of the UK and have been living away for the past four months. Which is why I have not been able to update the site. But do not worry! I am back in action now!!! Lots of updates coming, lots of interviews and even a few updates to previous interviews we already have! The interview with Omari (look below) is nearly complete and I will have that for you in the next update which should be no longer than a week away!


03rd March 2009-

As you can guess from our teaser image to the right we have a new interview coming up with Omari Newton so if you have any questions you would like to ask head on over to the forum and get your questions posted before we sent them over!

In other news, the profiles for the Who Are They section are going to be updated ASAP as well as more episode guides added a new clip to be added. All this will take place when the new interview goes live shortly!

27th February 2009-

Exciting news VH fans! What could be something great to hear? Well what about if I told you that Mark Shekter who created and wrote the show has been writing a new book about Vampire High and takes place right after the season 1 finale? Would that be pretty good news to you? Yep me to! Well we will in the next month have the first chapter to get our 'fangs' into! All the questions we have asked the past eight years will finally be answered!

In other news, I have updated the CONTACT EMAIL as unfortunatley it was wrong! You can read the full explanation on the contact page but if you have contacted me over the past few months try again with the new email address! And as you can see I have spruced up the homepage with the links a little easier to navigate! I think! Let me know what you think via email or the forum!

New pages coming soon include information on the location of Mansbridge with pictures taken last year, the first chapter in the Vampire High saga and other amazing additions to the site!


20th February 2009-

Hey everyone sorry for no updates but that is about to change, things are back in working order! So expect lots of new updates over the next few months. Vampire High Official is back in working order! New Video added to the Clips Section, Dr Murdoch profile added with some interview material!




Vampire High is copyright of Mark Shekter and Gary Blye, all images are
copyright of their respected owners and must not be copied or reproduced. Images used with permission from Mark Shekter. Thanks to MikeG and Debz!