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From Episode 23
Synopsis **Spoilers** Added 21/02/2009

This is the infamous Marty and Merrill singing scene from episode twenty three where Merrill takes her place at the piano and plays a blues style song. From here Marty starts to sing his song Baby's Got The Blues!

An iconic scene from Vampire High which is highly enjoyed and is a favourite scene for many of the show's fans as the many YouTube comments have suggested.

Enjoy again a touching scene between Merrill and Marty as it was the beginning of Merrill seeing that there was life after her infatuation with Drew.


From Episode Three
Synopsis **Spoilers** Added 19/03/2008

This is from the thrid episode of Vampire High and includes six minutes of very sweet scenes between Drew and Sherry. Entitled the "Dream" episode by many fans, in his wish to contact Sherry, Drew uses to Merrill to converse with Sherry in her dreams.

But things take a turn for the worse when Drew takes an object (a blue marble) from the young Sherry in the dream and therefore leaves the real Sherry with a stutter she had combatted years before. It is then up to Drew and Merrill to give back the object in a bid to cure Sherry of her once again discovered stutter.

When Drew and Merrill revisit the dreams of Sherry they see someone has followed them in and not all is what is seems. When Drew finds the real Sherry within the dream they have a very tender moment in the sunlight which sparkles as one of the stand out scenes in the show's run.

The twist at the end of the tale is that it becomes clear that is was Marty who followed into the dream and caused the disturbance showing how evil he can really be...




From Episode 26
Synopsis **Spoilers** Added 17/12/2007

At the end of the previous episode Dillan had been attacked by Mansbridge vampire Karl and rogue vampire Bridget. Karl was naive and was lead astray by Bridget who had no mercy for the weak.

We continue the dramatic two part finale with Dillan hanging on for her life being held between three directions, life, death or the living dead. All the vampires excluding Karl begin to see the errors they have caused by killing so many humans in the past.

Moments are shared between many of the vampires as they hope Dillan pulls through. Another spanner is thrown into the works when The Elders decide if Dillan turns into a vampire the experiment will be terminated.

As we reach the finale it seems Dillan has changed into a vampire for good. But then a sudden change of course leads her to survive the vampire attack and her memory of the occasion is erased by Essie. A ceremony goes ahead for the vampires first year completion of the experiment excluding Karl who is allowed to stay on at Mansbridge. Upstairs the regular kids leave until next year when Dillan gets the sudden urge to bite Mimi as her eyes turn red, they change back and she is left unknowing what is happening to her...



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