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Episode 1: Rules Are Rules

“For the Mansbridge Experiment to succeed, my night school vampires will have to coexist with my regular day school.  For these young predators must learn to live among the living, but invisibly.”

It’s the first day of the school year at Mansbridge Academy and Dr Murdoch welcomes back his day school students with an essay on change.  Nick makes a play for Sherry and they argue outside class.  Back in their room Sherry and Mimi discuss the essay and Mimi’s issues.  Sherry makes a diary entry to her Dictaphone.  She is lonely, and waiting for the right man to come along and rescue her.

In the basement we see Drew in his coffin.  He has heard Sherry’s plea.  The four night school students go up to Murdoch’s office.  Karl is obviously agitated and ‘fast forwards’ to steal Merrill’s chair, throwing it against the opposite wall.  Drew saves her from a fall and offers her his seat.  Murdoch greets them and explains why they are at Mansbridge.  The Elders have entrusted him to civilise them, but the four aren’t very happy about it.  As far as they are concerned they are predators and cannot change.  Murdoch lays down the law about mixing with the day students, shouting down Karl when he makes a joke about it.  He hands them their first task and Drew again hears Sherry.

In the basement the vamps are doing their test but Karl is still agitated.  Merrill introduces herself to Drew. He replies: “Hi Merrill, I’m cellmate number 666”.  Merrill asks him if he really thinks this is a prison and that she believes the Elders have given them a wonderful chance.  Drew states that he has no interest in the Elders and their endless civil war with the Fury.  Merrill replies that as a vampire he is part of it whether he likes it or not.  She also knows he can hear Sherry, telling him that she can read minds.  Both admit their curiosity, Drew about Sherry, and Merrill about Drew.

The next morning the day students are eating breakfast and Nick is still bugging Sherry.

Later on in the school grounds, Sherry sits under a tree trying to write her essay.  Dr Murdoch comes to talk to her.  She admits her writers block, and he says she should use her imagination.  He asks her why she’s here and she replies with some condescending remarks about her parents.

That evening Murdoch has called the vamps together and assesses their tests.  They have all done very well except Karl.  One of the questions asks for an adjective to describe a vampire’s nature, Karl chose ‘horny’.  Murdoch then shows them a video of human hunters killing a vampire.  He explains that with new technology the humans could wipe them all out.  He says that they must learn the three S’s: self-control, solidarity and social graces.  Unless they can learn to live with humans instead of on them, they will be eliminated as a species.

Nick visits Sherry in her room and brings her flowers, but then refuses to leave.  Mimi and Sherry count to three and start screaming.

Downstairs Merrill and Drew hear, and Drew vamps out.  The two run upstairs when Murdoch chooses Karl for a one-on-one session, Drew to kill Nick and Merrill to stop Drew.  Drew says that Nick is a creep, and that if he is just following his instincts towards Sherry why shouldn’t he follow his by biting Nick, while Merrill states that to kill Nick would make Drew no better.  The red fades from Drew’s eyes.

The next day Mimi and Sherry are walking through the school grounds when Malcolm comes up and offers Sherry his notes for a reading assignment.  She refuses, telling him she doesn’t need a guardian angel.  He replies that that isn’t what she said last year when he helped her to pass Civics.

Inside Nick and Sherry fight again while Drew and Karl watch on the video screens in the basement.  Nick steals Sherry’s Dictaphone and threatens to broadcast it on the internet.  Drew vamps out and pushes Nick through a window exposing himself to sunlight in the process.

The Elder Vakaal comes to Murdoch that night.  Murdoch refuses to give up on Drew, he won’t let him die.  Vakaal reminds him that it is out of his power.  Murdoch writes in his journal while Drew heals.

“A vampire must learn to live among the living invisibly, a rule that once broken leaves both worlds forever changed.”


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