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Episode 5: Things That Go Vamp in the Night

In their room, Sherry and Mimi are consulting a Ouija board to find out if Sherry’s mystery dream man is real.  In the basement one of the coffins trembles on it’s bier as the roof irises to show the moon.  Back upstairs the board’s pointer spells out ‘I am real.’

“Vampires experience phenomenon peculiar to their race.  They’re at the mercy of instincts that could flare up at any moment, condemning them to act out ancient urges.”

In the morning lesson Murdoch gives a lecture about Galileo, a man who dared to question the accepted science of his day.  He sets them an important assignment where they must work in pairs to discover how Galileo managed to rise above the norm.  Afterwards, Nick is smug as he tells Sherry that they will be working together on the assignment.  Sherry is considerably less enthusiastic.

That night, Murdoch has awoken the vampires early.  He tells them that the Elders wish to accelerate their learning, believing that they are up to the challenge.  He then repeats his lecture about Galileo.  He describes him as a man who disobeyed everyone around him to follow his own path.  To the vampires he adds that Galileo had been offered the chance to become a vampire but had refused in order to keep studying the universe.

Upstairs, Sherry is again consulting the Ouija board, which this time spells out ‘I am going to take you away’.

In his office, Murdoch answers a knock at his door to find Mimi standing there in her pajamas.  She tells him that she is worried about Sherry and her obsession with a ghost she has contacted.  Murdoch says that he will look into it.  He ushers Mimi from the room and turns to find Vakaal waiting in the shadows.  Murdoch informs him that he has moved up the vampire’s schedules as ordered.  Vakaal responds with a warning.  The moon has entered it’s fourth quarter, and during this period, should a sleeping vampire’s coffin be exposed to the early morning lunar rays it can cause ‘the Stirring’, and escalation of the metabolism which in turn can unleash ancient uncontrollable urges.  Murdoch must be alert.

Drew is watching Sherry on the video screen as she studies in the library.  Marty comes in and asks him why he doesn’t just take what he wants, then starts threatening that he will take Sherry himself.  The boys are squaring up for a fight when Essie starts to interfere.  They both tell her to back off, and Marty receives a vicious slap leaving a gash across his cheek.  As thy trade barbs Drew walks away.

The next day Nick is bugging Sherry about their assignment.  She refuses to work with him and he storms off.  Words appear in her notebook, ‘I’m here’.

In the basement Essie starts questioning Marty and when he asks her to back off she tells him that she is only trying to protect him.  She knows he is lining up his next kill, and she warns him off, reminding him that his actions will have consequences for all of them.

In his office, Murdoch questions Sherry about her experiences with the ‘ghost’.

Downstairs Marty practices his telekinesis on some chairs while the other vamps study.  He is very agitated and takes his anger and frustration out on the others, shouting and throwing the chairs around.  Essie explains to the others that Marty is going through the Stirring, and when he says he is going out for some air they all realise that he is going for Sherry.  When Drew threatens him Marty tries to tempt him with the idea that if he turned Sherry, Drew could have her forever.  When Drew and Karl move to stop him, Marty knocks them down with his telekinesis before heading upstairs.  As Marty slams the doors behind him, Murdoch hears and realises something is wrong.

In bed Sherry hears her name being called.  Waking, she sees Marty’s image as he calls her to him.  A fierce wind blows through the basement alerting the other vamps.  In the Solarium Marty plays the piano as Sherry descends the stairs.  Drew storms into Murdoch’s office intent on stopping Marty, but Murdoch halts him.  There is a way to stop him, but only if all the vamps work together.  Sherry asks Marty who he is, and he replies that she already knows.  Why then, she asks, is she afraid?  In the basement Murdoch instructs the vampires to chant with him, and they form a circle.  Vakaal’s voice can also be heard joining the chant.  In the Solarium Marty threatens Sherry that he is about to “make her one with the darkness,” but as he reaches out to her she disappears.  Over and over again she reappears then disappears as Marty grows increasingly frustrated.  The chanting rises and Marty himself fades from view, to reappear in the basement at the centre of the circle.  Vakaal’s image tells him not to make them regret having chosen him for the experiment.

Back in her room Sherry dreams of everything that has just happened.  Waking she asks Mimi to throw out the Ouija board.

In the basement Murdoch asks Marty to join him and the other vamps.  Marty asks if he is in trouble and Murdoch replies that he is not; this time Marty was the victim.  However, as the others worked so hard to save him, he now has to polish all their shoes.  As Marty reluctantly buffs, Murdoch writes in his diary.

“A vampire’s life is one of solitude and isolation, where he learns to survive on his own instincts, only trusting himself.  Becoming human is about risking trust, allowing yourself to be dependent on another.  For then, and only then, can a true connection be made, a joining of souls in the common pursuit of that most precious gift of all: life.”


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