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Episode 6: That's Why the Lady Is a Vamp

Murdoch gives the vampires back their last assignment.  None of them did very well.  As he talks to them, Merrill doodles in her notebook.  As she adds the finishing touches to a cartoon of Sherry being hanged, she mentally screams that she can’t stay at Mansbridge any more.

“Little study has been made of the relationships between vampires.  The Mansbridge Experiment affords ideal conditions to observe whether or not they can experience true emotion, and more importantly, can they share these emotions with others?”

Merrill is studying her reflection when Essie comes over and makes some suggestions for hairstyles.  Merrill asks what the point is when nobody cares what she looks like.  Essie tells her that she and Drew are just too different, and that she is “feeling the effects of our limited gene pool,” admitting that she has moments when even Karl looks hot.

Sherry is studying in her room with her headphones on when Nick comes in.  She tells him to go until he bribes her with brownie bombs, and they decide to sneak downstairs to get some more.

Essie, Karl and Merrill are studying in the library, discussing the executed Russian royal family.  Merrill hunches over as if in pain and a trashy looking woman enters.  Merrill’s Maker has come for a visit.

In Murdoch’s office he asks this Patsy LaRue how she discovered where Merrill was, and she replies that Merrill sent out a Beckoning for her, as she wishes to leave Mansbridge.  Murdoch tells them that until he confers with the Elders, they will both have to stay put, and Patsy reluctantly agrees.

In the basement Patsy introduces herself to the other vamps.  Marty is quite taken, but Essie is unimpressed by the “trailer-park vampire”.  Merrill takes Patsy upstairs to show her around.  In the Solarium she informs her that they are forbidden from going upstairs.  The two vampires hide as Nick and Sherry come out onto the landing.  Sherry decides she doesn’t want more brownies after all, and returns to her room, after rebuffing Nick’s offer to sit together in the moonlight.  Coming out of their hiding place Merrill explains to Patsy that Mansbridge is a regular school during the day, but the students are strictly off the menu.  Patsy reads Merrill’s mind and tells her that she knows the younger vamp wants to kill Sherry, but Merrill explains that she as at Mansbridge to learn to control those urges.  Patsy scoffs, and tells Merrill to show her where she will sleep.

Back downstairs Patsy decides she wants to use Essie’s coffin, and they trade insults until Essie backs down, knowing that she can’t win against the older vampire.  Merrill asks Patsy why she insists on ruining her life yet again, and tells her that she is no longer sure that she wishes to leave.  Patsy again dismisses her.

The other vamps are playing poker and discussing whether or not Merrill will be leaving.  Drew remarks that Merrill can’t help having a maker like Patsy.  Essie retorts that maybe Patsy is here because of him.

Murdoch calls Merrill to his office, and she explains that she doesn’t feel she belongs at Mansbridge.  Although she is sorry for having caused a security problem, she believes that she no longer had a choice.  Murdoch replies that in matters of her personal wellbeing, she always has a choice.

Back downstairs, Patsy tries to remind Merrill of how they used to hunt together, but Merrill remarks that once they leave she has no intention of being Patsy’s decoy again.  Patsy tells her that she has humiliated herself with Drew, and when Merrill tells her she no longer wants to leave, Patsy threatens to go and read Drew’s mind to find out his real feelings.  At that, Merrill backs down, but explains that they can’t leave without permission from the Elders.  Patsy says that they will slip away quietly.

As they prepare to leave the other vamps try to stop them.  Patsy has had enough and vamps out, and it ain’t pretty.  She knocks them all down and freezes them to the spot.  Murdoch arrives followed by Vakaal who orders her to stand down.  Terrified, she lets the others go, explaining that she only came to help Merrill.  Vakaal asks Merrill if she still wants to leave, and she says no.  Vakaal orders Patsy to leave after having wiped her memory.  Drew tells Merrill that he’s glad she is staying.  She replies “I’m glad that you’re glad.”

“Vampires are obsessive, compulsive.  They form trusting relationships begrudgingly.  Some never form them.  It is my hope that her at Mansbridge such relationships will be forged.  This hope is complicated by the fact that the offspring of vampires are deeply molded by their makers into their own dark image, and I am regretfully convinced that Patsy LaRue is not the only Maker we shall encounter.”


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