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Episode 8: What's Up Doc?

“The role of a teacher is a lonely one.  By necessity the teacher’s personal needs and desires are often sacrificed.”

Murdoch walks through the Solarium to his office savouring the thought of the piece of pie in his hand.  Sherry is working in there and he asks her if she has nothing else to do on a Friday night.  She asks the same of him, but he asks her what he could do and she teases him that he could still turn the ladies’ heads.

“But sometimes the temptation to indulge is hard to resist.”

As he sits at his desk he is interrupted by Essie who asks why her powers of suggestion don’t work on him.  He tells her that if she wants something she should just ask.  Putting her bare feet on the table she tells him that she needs shoes and Murdoch says he will think about it.  As she leaves she asks him if he’s really going to eat that pie.  He replies “I spend a total of 18 hours a day with you people; surely you don’t expect me to share my meals too?”  She tells him she only asked because she has never seen him eat.  She exits downstairs and Murdoch tiredly pushes his plate away.  He has lost his appetite.

In the basement Drew is writing and thinking of his less than successful meeting with Sherry.  Merrill come over and teases him, earning some admiration from Marty, and then walks off with Drew’s pen.  Essie comes downstairs and shares her thoughts about Murdoch strange habits.  Marty takes the mick, but Essie points out that none of their powers work on him, and the vampire Elders obviously trust him.  She decides to keep a closer eye on him.

The following day, the day students are working in the Solarium when Murdoch enters to water the plants.  Mimi teases him about his choice of footwear, sandals and he tells her that he sometimes likes to air out his feet.  Mimi, Malcolm and Sherry discuss the possibility of Murdoch having a relationship and Malcolm offers to look him up on the Internet.  Sherry look longingly at a sketch she has done of Drew as he watches her on the video screen downstairs.

Mimi and Malcolm can’t find anything about Murdoch on the Net, and Malcolm exclaims that it is s if he doesn’t exist.  Marian Hackett enters and asks them where she can find Dr Murdoch.

She waits for him in the Solarium and he comes in with a tea tray.  She says she needs some questions answered, and tells him about a recent incident at the local roadhouse.  She has photo fits of those responsible, which we know to be Essie and Marty, and she intends to interview the students.

The next day she talks to the students one by one, but none of them recognize the photo fits.   Interviewing Sherry, she asks her if she has seen any strangers around Mansbridge recently.  Sherry of course has, Drew, but she lies to Hackett who warns her that they may be dangerous.  Sherry leaves and Hackett starts her interview of Murdoch.  She tells him that she knows Sherry is hiding something but he puts her off with the offer of dinner.  She tells him that another person was seen at the roadhouse, and produces a photo fit of Murdoch.  He asks her if that means dinner is off, but she tells him she has every intention of staying.

Trying to work in her room, Sherry is thinking back over Hackett’s warnings, but tells herself that the agent was just trying to scare her.  Mimi enters dressed as a waitress and asks Sherry what she thinks.  She and Malcolm have volunteered to serve Murdoch and Hackett’s dinner so that they can spy on them.  Malcolm enters and they discuss their game plan.

Sherry goes down to the library and Drew goes up after her.  The other vamps try to put him off, but he ignores them.

Murdoch and Hackett sit down to dinner in his office, while in the library Sherry tells Drew that he shouldn’t be here as there is an agent looking for strangers.

The other vamps watch Hackett and Murdoch eat until Murdoch escorts Mimi from the room, telling her to stop snooping.  Left alone, Hackett starts some snooping of her own.

In the library Sherry tells Drew that she trusts him.

Hackett starts taking interest in the hidden entrance to the basement.  Watching downstairs, Marty can’t take it any more and vamps out, but the others three hold him back.  Murdoch enters his office to find Hackett staring at the shield on the wall.  She tells him she knows there is an entryway behind it, and he replies that it is hidden to protect his expensive wine collection in the basement.  He asks her if she would like to try something, but she tells him that she doesn’t drink wine.  He tries to get her to stay to finish dinner when she tells him that she must leave.  She tells him that there will be another time, and warns him that Sherry is hiding something.

In the library Drew tells Sherry that they cannot see one another again.  He doesn’t belong in her world and she doesn’t belong in his.  Sherry storms out of the library upset.

“There are sacrifices that must be made, for the sake of the greater justice, the greater truth, and the greater good.”

Drew enters the basement looking thoroughly miserable, while upstairs Sherry can’t sleep.  In his office, Murdoch finally gets to eat his pie.


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